Monthly Minutes


Please note that the PC keep 24 months worth of minutes on the website. Signed copies are retained by the clerk. If you wish to see minutes that pre-date the oldest minutes available on this page, please email the clerk, thankyou. 

Minutes for 2024

22nd January 2024

7th February 2024 extra ordinary meeting

26th February 2024

25th March 2024

22nd April 2024 

Annual meeting 23rd May 2024 

23rd May 2024 

24th June 2024 draft

Minutes for 2023

23rd January 2023

27th February 2023

20th March 2023 appendix

24th April 2023 

18th May Annual Meeting draft chairman's report

18th May 2023 schedule 1

26th June 2023 

24th July 2023  appendix a

10th August extra ordinary ,meeting

25th September 2023 

23rd October 2023

27th November 2023




Minutes for 2022

24th January 2022

appendix a b

16th February 2022  appendix 1

28th March 2022 

11th May 2022 

23rd May AGM 

23rd May 2022 

27th June 2022 

25th July 2022 

25th August Extra ordinary meeting 

26th September 2022 schedule 1

24th October 

2nd November extra ordinary meeting

28th November 2022 draft


Minutes for 2021 

    January 18th

    February 15th 

    March 15th

    April 19th 

    May 17th 

    May 17th - Annual Meeting of the Parish Council 

    June 28th 

    July 26th 

    August 23rd

    October 11th 

    Appendix 1

    Appendix 2   

    October 25th 

    November 22nd

       Appendix 2 - Quarry Letter

    December 13th


Previous Years



15th April APM 2019 Minutes

20th May APCM 2019 Minutes

17th June 2019 Minutes

10th July 2019 Minutes

19th August 2019 Minutes

16th September 2019 Minutes

21st October 2019 Minutes

18th November 2019 Minutes

9th December 2019 EO Minutes

16th December 2019 Minutes

20th January 2020 Minutes

17th February 2020 Minutes

16th March 2020 Minutes

20th July 2020 Minutes

27th July 2020 Minutes

2nd October 2020 Minutes - Extraordinary Meeting

19th October 2020 Minutes

16th November 2020 Minutes

21st December Minutes